The smartest & friendliest way to a fitness lifestyle.

RocketJourney is a new app that helps you achieve a fitness lifestyle for good. Try it now!

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You'll love RocketJourney

  • Gamification

    Earn points when you work out, lose points when you don't. Everything is verified with GPS.

  • All-in-one

    Do you lift? Run? Do Crossfit or Yoga? RocketJourney tracks all types of activities.

  • Team up!

    Accountability in Real-time. Take responsibility, if you lose your streak, you screw your team.

  • Journey

    A visual story of all your workouts.

The Rules

  • 1

    Earn 1 point for every day you workout.

    Track as many workouts as you want, but you only get 1 point per day of activity.
  • 2

    Track a workout at least 3 days per week.

    Otherwise you lose 5 points.
  • 3

    Teams' Average must be at least 3 times a week

    Otherwise the Team lose 5 points.